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The Korean Skin Care Routine

When it comes to skincare, Koreans know all about it. Korean beauty products and trends are taking over the American beauty market. Skincare to Koreans are a part of their culture, it’s been taught to them since early childhood. These steps does not mean you have to do them everyday, day and night. Of course you can skip the sunscreen and BB creams at night.… Read More »The Korean Skin Care Routine


       Looking for a one-step cleanser? Then this cleanser is for you! A quick and easy multi- action cleanser that easily removes makeup and  sunscreen. It also brightens and exfoliates your skin. No more hassle in removing makeup! 6 in 1 ✔ Brightening ✔ Makeup removing ✔ Sunscreen removing ✔ Pore cleaning ✔ Enzyme  cleanser ✔ Exfoliating