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Meet our sister brand – Han Skin Care Cosmetics

Meet our sister brand – Han Skin Care Cosmetics Han Skin Care Cosmetics strive to offer the purest, healthiest, and highest quality color cosmetics formulated with nourishing butters, moisturizing oils, anti-aging antioxidants from acai, blueberry and other powerful superfruits, green tea, vegetable, fruit and plant pigments and pure minerals at reasonable prices. Our innovative cosmetics incorporate skin care ingredients to promote healthy skin while delivering vibrant… Read More »Meet our sister brand – Han Skin Care Cosmetics

Phyto Therapy Foam

New addition to our foam cleanser products are the Phyto Therapy Foam in Aloe and Bluberry!     DEWYTREE PHYTO THERAPY ALOE FOAM Aloe Calming Cleanser that soothes sensitive skin. Aloe Vera Extract, Agave Extract, Althaea Rosea, Flower Extract Ideal for: Dry, Sensitive skin Delicate, Irritated, Damaged skin Those who want cleansers that hydrate without any irritation Soothe your skin with Aloe Vera ! With soothing… Read More »Phyto Therapy Foam

DEWYTREE Brand Story

We heal the pain of skin with the nature.  The nature not only has the capacity to heal the sick body and pain but also intensifies the body’s natural self-healing (immune system) unlike the healing based on artificial chemical substances. This is the same for the skin.”DEWYTREE”, meaning the moist tree covered with clear dews, is the naturalist cosmetics brand that refines the previous and… Read More »DEWYTREE Brand Story