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Cheat Sheet

Apart from your everyday skin regimen, treat your skin to a sheet mask once or twice week. Not only does it nourish your skin and help solve skin problems, but it’s also a great way to de-stress and unwind without breaking the bank. With so many sheet masks in the market, which should you pick? Consider what problems need to be addressed, as well as… Read More »Cheat Sheet

What’s your type?

Have you ever walked into the cosmetics section of a department store and felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of beauty products? With so many choices, do you often find it difficult which product to pick?   While you may be tempted to try out that new product everyone is talking about, or the one your favorite actress is currently endorsing, you should ask yourself:… Read More »What’s your type?

Tea Time

Next to water, tea is the most consumed drink in the world. There is nothing quite like tea and herbal infusions to soothe – or invigorate – the senses. In the past decade, these have been gaining popularity in the Philippines, owing mainly to the opening of international franchises, as well as people’s awareness of these drinks’ health benefits. Different teas and infusions have varying… Read More »Tea Time

The Right Hue For You

As if finding the right makeup product for your skin type weren’t difficult enough, finding the right colors to use can be even more confusing. There are two main things to consider when picking out the perfect make-up palette: your Skin Tone and Skin Undertone. There are three Skin Tones: Light, Medium, and Dark. While that is fairly easy to asses, determining Skin Undertones –… Read More »The Right Hue For You

Natural Beauty

We all have different facial features, colors, and are all beautiful in our own way. But when we want to enhance our looks – or create a completely different one – we can always reach for our makeup! Both women and men have used makeup on their face and body since ancient times for religious rituals, to mimic their environment, indicate social status, and for… Read More »Natural Beauty

Sensitive Issues

Crying over a sad movie is fine. There is nothing wrong with being on the sensitive side. But having sensitive skin? The best way to determine if you have sensitive skin is to consult your dermatologist. Constant redness, drying, itching, stinging, and breakouts are among its common symptoms. While “sensitive” skin is a genetic trait, more and more people are having “sensitized” skin: a condition… Read More »Sensitive Issues

All Eyes On You

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. While that is debatable, the fact remains that the eyes are among the features that people will notice first, and, according to surveys, are most attracted to. We do not only use our eyes to see, learn, and discover the world around us, but also to express and communicate – our words could say one… Read More »All Eyes On You

Aging At A Snail’s Pace

Birthdays are always a reason to celebrate. They mark another year of potential achievements and spending more time with family and friends- not to mention all the presents! And yet, approaching birthdays also come with some anxiety: another year means a few more wrinkles here, age spots there, and skin that’s less radiant than it used to be. Aging is a natural process and it’s… Read More »Aging At A Snail’s Pace

Lighten Up

Troubled by unnaturally dark, blotchy, uneven skin? Understand the causes of skin darkening, preventive, and corrective measures to get your fairest, most luminous skin ever! Meet Melanin Melanin is the pigment that gives hair, eyes, and skin their color. The level of melanin we have is determined by genetics. However, certain factors such as sun exposure, aging, and diet contribute to increased production – the… Read More »Lighten Up

High and Dry: Hydration and Why It’s Essential to Skincare

While the terms Hydration and Moisturization are often used interchangeably, these are not the same. The purpose of hydration is to increase skin’s water content, while moisturization is to create a barrier to prevent water loss and keep skin hydrated. When skin is dehydrated and lacks moisture, it is more prone to breakouts, dry patches, and wrinkles. The Skin-Sensational Organ Skin is the largest organ… Read More »High and Dry: Hydration and Why It’s Essential to Skincare