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Tea Time

Next to water, tea is the most consumed drink in the world. There is nothing quite like tea and herbal infusions to soothe – or invigorate – the senses. In the past decade, these have been gaining popularity in the Philippines, owing mainly to the opening of international franchises, as well as people’s awareness of these drinks’ health benefits.

Different teas and infusions have varying chemical compositions, and thus, yield different health benefits. Discover what these common tea and infusion ingredients can do for you:


Ginseng has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to fight inflammation, lower blood sugar, and fight fatigue, among others. It is rich in antioxidants, and both the root and leaves of the ginseng plant are beneficial. For the skin, ginseng helps relieve acne symptoms, boosts the production of collagen, and aids in skin whitening. Don’t have time to brew a cup of ginseng tea? Use Yun Bonan Mask


You probably use a lot of Rosemary in cooking, but have you tried it as tea? Rosemary aids in digestion, liver, and brain function. It has antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities which help treat skin conditions such as eczema and oily skin. Plus, it contains antioxidants and other properties that promote cell growth and restore skin elasticity. Want firmer, youthful-looking skin? Save the rosemary for your next dish, and put on this rosemary-infused Firming Deep Mask


There’s more to lavender than its wonderful, calming scent. Lavender helps alleviate muscle pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Like Rosemary, it has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. It also helps in skin healing and soothes irritations. Do you like how lavender candles and fragrances melt your stress away? You might just love the calming and soothing effects of lavender-infused Aqua Deep Mask on dry, irritated skin.


Do you like the cool taste of peppermint? Get your peppermint fix without indulging in sugar-laden peppermint-flavored candy. The tea promotes digestion, relieves stomach upsets, and helps cleanse the body of toxins. Topically, it treats muscle pain, prevents acne, tones, and softens the skin. Want to treat blemished skin? Use AC CTRL Deep Mask to reap the benefits of peppermint without the stinging feeling.


If you have this plant at home, you’ve probably used this to treat minor burns and insect bites. Indeed, aloe vera is among the oldest and most used plants in traditional medicine around the world. It is not just valued for its skin-healing properties, but for its detoxifying effects. Before you even think of chopping up some aloe and taking it internally, be aware that it does have laxative and diuretic effects, and therefore may cause stomach upsets. Unless you know how to prepare a homemade aloe tea properly, you might want to try commercially-available aloe teas instead. Reap aloe vera’s skin healing properties without the mess – and in a purer form – with Phyto Therapy Aloe Foam

Green Tea

Green tea is among the top healthiest drinks in the world. It is rich in catechins – an antioxidant – that prevents cell damage. This substance, along with others found in tea, make it a miracle drink of sorts. The regular consumption of green tea has been proven to have a myriad of health benefits which include improved brain function, preventing diseases such as cancer, killing harmful bacteria, fat loss, lowering blood pressure, and a lot more. In beauty products, it is used mostly for its antibacterial, nourishing and antioxidant, anti-aging and skin-brightening properties. If you have oily or blemish-prone skin, use Green Tea Mattifying Linens to absorb oil and harness green tea’s skin-soothing properties.

Next time you need a pick-me-upper, toss the soda, coffee, or sweetened juice and opt for tea. Your body – and your skin – will thank you for it!