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Charcoal Nose Strip


Volcanic ash and charcoal are known for removing debris, excess oil, and impurities deep in pores, unclogging, and leaving skin smooth and dewy.

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Clear blackheads completely with JEJU Volcanic Ash. Clay and Charcoal powder while soothing & toning with Licorice extract and JEJU Volcanic Ash Clay, Charcoal powder
● Those who want more effective, strong nose strips, yet gentle
● Ideal for oily skin, or those who want to tighten the look of pores
● Absorb and draw out impurities completely,
revealing a fresh, new layer of unclogged skin
● Most effective ingredient at absorbing impurities
(Volcanic Ash Clay from clean island, JEJU)

Weight 0.007 kg
Dimensions 7.8 × 1.4 × 16.8 cm


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